Friday, 4 October 2013

Pragmatic epistemology, possibly

Bored and unmotivated this morning after sleeping in. (Yesterday was my killer 8h Thursday, so I felt justified.) Things to do today include marking (I spread it out as thinly as I can while still meeting deadlines) and working on my Qual paper on case study. 

While thinking of ways to procrastinate, I suddenly remembered this blog. I'm sure it only counts as semi-procrastination! 

So while working on my Classroom Research paper I recalled L's suggestion of Pragmatism, because I was (still am) troubled by this theoretical framework thing. I'm reading up on Pragmatism, after watching a series of YouTube videos (yay YT!) on the basics of the philosophy and deciding that it might be a good fit. It doesn't seem to conflict with the approach I described in my previous post. Using Crotty's (1998) framework for theoretical frameworks (LOL), maybe I could put it this way:

Epistemology: Pragmatism
Theoretical perspective: Social practice
Methodology: Ethnographic case study
Methods: Participant observation, interviews, focus group discussions, document analysis, questionnaire (maybe)

But Pragmatism is of course more complex than as few YT videos can explain. I have to delve into the scary rabbit hole of philosophy, while I wrangle that case study paper.