Sunday, 8 December 2013

A school, finally (maybe)

Good news: I think I finally found a school that could be my research site, though I have yet to get the nod from my supervisor.

Bad news: Apparently getting permission from MOE and ethics clearance from Lancaster could take 3 months or more. My aim is to have my confirmation panel while I'm in Lancaster in July, but I might not be able to collect enough data for that. Which means I'll have to do it via Skype (confirmation is supposed to happen within 36 months of starting part-time study, and I don't really want to fly down again in December). Not ideal. Ugh.

Regardless, I hope this school meets with L's approval, and I can get the paperwork started before 2014 begins.

In the meantime, I'm finishing up preparations for my new ePortfolio course by working on my own eportfolios (a general career one and a PhD one) and also the course Google Site. Reflecting on the courses I've taught since leaving NIE as a full-timer, it seems that only this one will be somewhat related to my research interests. I will probably get the chance to run assessment workshops for the school I end up collaborating with, but I wonder if I'll ever get to actually teach a course on it? Theoretically this is a good niche to specialise in (everyone says so), but I remain doubtful there's a market for it in Singapore. Will I find my alt-ac career here? Another 'why am I doing this again' moment.