Friday, 12 April 2013

Misc stuff to follow up, as of 12 April 2013

From CR forum exchange with D:
Could the conventional concept of a construct could also be challenged if it assumes a theoretical perspective of 'practice' rather than 'skill'?

Case studies with ethnographic perspective? According to U on DL forum: 'Call it taking an ethnographic perspective - in the sense that you seek the emic perspective, look at things in context/as situated, so you share something with ethnography, but doing it in a more condensed and probably less 'deep' way. Lots of people these days speak about their research being ethnographic, but that doesn't mean it is ethnography in the sense anthropologists define it. Often what they do is qualitative research or case study research.'

Or multi-sited ethnography? U: 'The issue is that the research questions might lead you into different directions, requiring you to look in different places, hence multi-sited. These directions might not be physical or virtual places, but rather issues or questions - hence more abstract.'

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