Friday, 12 April 2013

Notes from Feb 2013 HK meetings

New RQs foregrounding e-assessment:

RQ1. What role does ICT play in the assessment practices of EL teachers in Singapore secondary schools?
RQ2. How do they balance formative and summative e-assessment in the classroom?
RQ3. What are the factors that enable and inhibit their use of formative e-assessment?

To be considered:
  • Refocus on digital writing instead (because e-assessment difficult to rationalise for research).
  • Rationalise digital writing research from literacy practices perspective, 21st c edtech development in last 5 years
  • Literacies and assessment as social practices, not skills
  • Challenges to construct of writing.
  • Instead of including formative/summative in RQ, refer to them simply as practices.
  • Grounded Theory -- Lincoln and Guba (1984)?
  • Theory of Planned Behaviour TPB -- Azjen (social psychologist)
  • Innovation Theory as an orientating theory (?) to start with
  • Paul Gruba on e-assessment and blended learning

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