Friday, 12 April 2013

To-do list, as of 12 April 2013

  1. Flesh out HK preso for pre-confirmation: 'A few days prior to the meeting of the panel, students should provide the supervisor and other member of the panel with a written document briefly outlining their work and progress in the last year (including planned Research Questions, data, data collection and data analysis) and pointing out any issues which they consider have impeded their progress (3-4 pages).' 
  2. Finish reading Understanding digital literacies: A practical introduction.
  3. Sort out literature (spreadsheet, Zotero) -- what's the best way?
  4. Find at least 2 schools -- follow up on possible candidates.
  5. Design draft questionnaire for students (for MOE application).
  6. Work on ethics and permissions docs.

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