Friday, 12 April 2013

Notes from Jan 2013 Residential

My RQs at this date:

RQ1. What are the assessment practices of EL teachers in Singapore secondary schools actively engaged in integrating ICT in teaching and learning?

RQ2. How do they balance formative and summative assessment in the classroom?

RQ3. What are the factors that enable and inhabit their use of formative assessment?

RQ4. What role does ICT play in their (formative) assessment practices?

New focus on e-assessment (mostly writing) requires definition:

  • MOE?
  • Research literature?
  • What about e-portfolios?

Consider infrastructure and resources as factors.

Consider literature on curriculum reform, particularly those studies which are concerned with situational or environmental analysis (essentially, those studies that look at factors which enable and inhibit). Also innovation theory in ELT (see Markee's book).

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